I am interested in both the real and the imagined and of how memory distorts our experiences over time. It is about my own commentary on shifting time lines, immediacy and a re-engagement of subject matter.

My work in the studio starts with a remembered connection of being in the natural landscape - which mostly refers to colour, reflected light and close up forms.

With this phenomenological approach, I set up visual hierarchies within the framework of the paintings, creating dynamic through the physical manipulation of oil paint. I enjoy setting up a structural rhythm within the paintings, be it mono or multi-formatted pieces, that aim to challenge and disrupt the picture plane.

I constantly challenge these relationships with much layering and erasing of paint and drawing into and onto the surface of the canvas. There are concerns about accumulation and connection, of emphasis and articulation of my materials. I am creating a personal visual language that embodies a particular experience of being in the world, a distillation and reflection of the familiar. The resulting work emerges from a mixture of recall and the imagined, of process and materiality.